Individual Skill Development


Precision Rifle 3 (Extended Distance)

This 8-hour course is the culmination of all skills and knowledge gained in Precision Rifle 1 and 2. This course will be conducted on one of our extended distance Precision Rifle ranges and will allow students the opportunity to push their skills, knowledge, and equipment out to, and beyond, the practical limits of their specific caliber. The course will recap all pertinent information covered in previous courses as well as provide additional knowledge pertaining to range estimation and variables that affect consistency and accuracy at extended ranges. Students should expect to shoot between 100-150 rounds of match grade ammunition.

Students will be required to bring their own rifle(s) and ammunition. All rifles must be zeroed and chronographed prior to arrival. Depending on location or specific range, there may not be an opportunity to zero the day of the course.

Maximum range distances vary between location (Please reference Facility pages for specific information regarding range distances) Maximum distances very from 1500-2000 yds.

Please Note: Travel time and logistical requirements vary between facilities with certain Extended Distance Ranges in locations that require students to bring anything they might need to be out for an entire day.

Suggested Items

  • Tools (Rifle Maintenance)
  • Weather appropriate gear and clothing
  • Food and water
  • Medications and first aid
  • Toilet paper/baby wipes
  • Bug spray and sun screen


  • Culmination of knowledge and skills obtained in PR 1,2
  • Recap of variables and their effect on hit probability at extended distances
  • Range Estimation
  • Calculating ballistics at extended ranges
  • Culmination exercise designed to test applicable knowledge and skill under field conditions **Location/weather dependent.


Precision Rifle 1 and 2

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