Individual Skill Development


Missouri and Florida Concealed Carry

This our 8-hour course covers the State mandated requirements to apply for a Concealed Carry Permit in Missouri or Florida.

The course consists of both classroom lecture and hands-on demonstrations as well as live-fire range time. Those who successfully complete the course will receive an Asymmetric Solutions Certificate of Completion and the Firearms Safety Training Course Certificate required for application.

Rental equipment and ammunition is available however, student are encouraged to bring the handgun they plan to carry along with a minimum of 40 rounds of ammunition.

Conceal Carry laws permit us to legally carry however, the required safety course does little to prepare individuals to safely and effectively employ a handgun in a deadly force scenario. Many of our instructors know all too well what is really required to survive deadly force situations and will tell you that proper training is the only way to ensure an effective response when the time comes. We highly recommend that attendees of our CCW classes also consider taking the Basics of Tactical Shooting course. The Basics of Tactical Shooting course will teach you how to use your firearm in defensive situations and in various environments that you may encounter in real-world situations.

**Additional ammunition may be required if follow-on training or retesting becomes necessary


  • Missouri/Florida Concealed Carry Permit required curriculum
  • Applicable State and Federal Firearms Laws
  • MO CCW Laws
  • Handgun/Equipment Selection
  • Firearm Safety
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Qualification Test



North Florida Schedule

Midwest Missouri Schedule