Individual Skill Development


Kalashnikov Operator

We love it, we hate it, some of us have been shot by it, but the die-hard effectiveness and cultural impact of the Automatic Kalashnikov weapons system is undeniable. This 8-hour live-fire course addresses the fundamentals of combat shooting with a Kalashnikov style rifle and covers the proper and effective use of the weapon and exploits its differences from the US AR-15 and M-16 type system. In addition to proper and effective weapon operation, considerable emphasis is placed on tactics and scenario-based drilling. Shooters should expect to use approximately 350-400 rounds of rifle ammunition and 100 rounds of pistol ammunition.


  • Safe and effective manipulation of the weapons system
  • Proper stance, grip, and combat distance marksmanship
  • Multiple target engagements
  • Target discrimination
  • Transition from primary weapon to secondary weapon
  • Reloading and malfunctions
  • Shooting from cover


Tactical Pistol 1 and Tactical Carbine 1

North Florida Schedule

Midwest Missouri Schedule