Asymmetric Solutions offers military units a broad spectrum of training opportunities and exercise support services. Our services range from standard weapons and tactics to specialty skill set development such as Maritime Interdiction, Subterranean Warfare, Full Spectrum Mobility Operations, and large-scale exercise support. With multiple organic low-regulation self-sustaining facilities consisting of thousands of acres, our incredible SOF staff, and extensive support network, we are able to meet nearly any training objective.

Weapons & Tactics Specialty Training Medical Pre-Deployment Exercise Support Subterranean Warfare Advanced Mobility Special Reconnaissance / Activities Maritime

Our weapons and tactics courses provide up to date Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP's) delivered by some of the most experienced reputable members of the SOF community. Our goal is to help better prepare you for the fight to come.

Asymmetric Solutions maintains a full-time staff of subject matter experts in multiple unique areas of concentration. We maintain currency and relevancy in everything we teach.

Our full spectrum medical training covers everything from basic med and Combat Casualty Care to full operational environment integration, long term care and Advanced Medical Simulation Labs. We do our best to provide real world scenarios to support all evolutions regardless of the depth of training.

In addition to our standard training packages Asymmetric Solutions offers custom RMT and Pre-Deployment training packages at the individual unit and joint levels. In addition to our 25,000 acres of company owned training areas, our state and federally deconflicted offsite locations allow for some of the most realistic and comprehensive training evolutions available.

Your needs are what matters. Asymmetric Solutions exercise support is based off the request of the client. Our extensive subject matter expertise and vast network of support assets allow Asymmetric to provide unparalleled support for the needs of your unit.

Subterranean Warfare is a complex, high-risk method of warfare that requires a detailed understanding of the environment as well as an in-depth knowledge of the skill sets required to achieve overall mission success and maximize operator survivability. Asymmetric Solutions Subterranean Warfare training packages provide units with a safe and effective working knowledge of up to date techniques used in processing arguably one of the most high-risk environments faced by operators today. Our instructors are experienced SOF operators with knowledge of current TTP's, certified Mine Safety Officers, and are in compliance with the highest standards of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Our training venues are the safest subterranean training locations in the US, totaling over 15,000 linear ft of tunnel networks that accommodate multi-team training, full mission profiles (FMPs) and specialized training that encompasses advanced skill sets such as heavy breaching and vertical rescue. An additional 140,000 linear ft is available for advanced courses.

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70 + miles of navigational live fire practical application off-road trails, engineered mobility obstacle course, 3 miles paved surface, 3.5 mile high speed rally track, roll over trainer, unconventional engineering and recovery, professional drivers and Tier 1 advisors. Asymmetric Solutions looks to provide a full spectrum deployable capability, not a familiarization. In every Mobility Course, we ensure the attendees do not just receive technical driving and mechanical competency but understand the ramifications of operating standard, non-standard and locally procured vehicles in a non-permissive environment. Special attention is constantly paid to the maintaining of the operational effectiveness of the vehicle in an attempt to assure mission success and maximum survivability.

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Special Reconnaissance/Special Activities training at Asymmetric Solutions consist of a multi-domain/multi spectrum progressive training program that incorporates a variety of instruction across the entire range of the SOF domain. Our coursework is built to tailor the unique needs of this always changing environment and practices that keep he operator successful and safe. We progress as technology progress but do not lose focus of the need to perform the basic practices that make good teams great. This training culminates with a “real world” type Full Mission Profile with a robust team of opposition forces in real environments.

Asymmetric Solutions provides the most hyper-realistic, challenging, full spectrum maritime training in the safest training environment possible. Located 4 minutes from the Gulf, the North Florida Special Warfare (NFSW) supports every aspect of Maritime Operations. In addition, every component is equipped with a live-fire capability found nowhere else in the US therefore, Units can “Train The Way They Fight”. These Capabilities can be utilized by a single unit training or part of larger scale exercise with deployment of multiple assets conducting live-fire in the water SDZ (s) simultaneously taking training scenarios and turning them into "Real World" scenarios.”