Specialty Training


Parachute Insertion Package

Military Free Fall is an extremely dangerous method of mission insertion that can leave teams dispersed throughout the Area of Operation. Our Parachute Infiltration Package is designed to aid in the team's ability to mitigate that risk and advance in their ability to drive the canopy to the Desired Impact Point. The AS Parachute Infiltration Package takes a team that has been through the typical “Jump Package” and makes them a more capable jump team by increasing the difficulty of drop zones. We not only make the zones more challenging, but each infiltration is done in Full Mission Profile (FMP), with follow on actions. We tailor those FMP's based on the requesting teams needs and requirements. Each team insertion determines the ability of the team to move on to more difficult Drop Zones (day and night). The team does not progress unless specific metrics are met at each drop zone. Our packages also strive to insert the teams outside of the weapon engagement zones as determined by specific A/O's.

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