Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO)

Formerly referred to as VBSS/HVBSS current shift in war efforts has established MIO as high priority. Asymmetric Solutions has 2 X IMO# 370 TEU Cargo Ship Training Platforms. First made in Germany in 1998 and later produced rapidly by China from 2001- 2005, The 370 TEU at “326 Feet in Length” is one of the fastest moving Cargo Vessels in the world. As with all capabilities, to ensure Mission Effectiveness, as well as Survivability of the Operator, it is imperative to provide Realistic Training Platforms, in the Safest Training Environment possible. The IMO# 370 TEU Cargo Ship, being a ship of interest, makes the training value undisputable. There are only 2 of these Vessels in the United States. All stationed out of Asymmetric Solutions Annex “Panama City Maritime Training Facility”. The remaining are currently be used in projected AO's

Hook and Climb by Assault Boat, FRIES from Blackhawks, and Live-Fire Sniper onto the underway vessel are executed in our MIO Training Package. One day of Static Operations on the MIO Training tower at NFSW is recommended to meet required ORM's.

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