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Asymmetric Solutions offers a 5-day, 60-hour POST certified Law Enforcement Sniper course designed to provide students with the educational and practical foundation required to operate as a Law Enforcement Sniper. The focus of this course is on operational tactics such as field-craft, observation, reporting, range estimation, urban tactics, and marksmanship skills. Other areas of instruction include the mechanics of the rifle and telescopic sights, external and terminal ballistics, data book usage, hostage rescue engagements, intermediate barriers, night fire, and moving targets.

Graduates will possess the knowledge and skills required to effectively operate as Law Enforcement Snipers/Observers and will be better equipped to provide support during critical incidents or tactical operations.


  • This course is MO POST Approved
  • Introduction to the rifle system and key components
  • Basics of exterior and terminal ballistics
  • Marksmanship skills
  • Field-craft
  • Observation/reporting
  • Range estimation
  • Urban tactics
  • Hide construction
  • Engagement scenarios
  • Moving targets
  • Night fire
  • Barrier penetration


Individual law enforcement officers, first responders and members of the military, out of gratitude for their service, are invited to contact us here for special pricing.

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