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Advanced Precision Rifle

Our 8-hour Advanced Precision Rifle course builds upon the knowledge and skill gained in Basic Precision Rifle. This course focuses on the variables associated with Interior and Exterior Ballistics, calculating ballistic solutions, and target engagement in alternate positions. Officers will test their skills through a series of rapid engagement drills from a variety of shooting positions.

Participants should expect to shoot approximately 75-100 rounds of match grade ammunition

*Target distances may vary depending on location.

**Caliber limit: Common calibers between 223/5.56 - 300 WinMag. NO large magnum calibers (i.e. CheyTac .375/.408, 50 BMG...)

  • Rental equipment available upon request


  • Calculating Ballistics
  • Range estimation
  • Rapid targets acquisition and engagement
  • Alternate shooting positions


Individual law enforcement officers, first responders and members of the military, out of gratitude for their service, are invited to contact us here for special pricing.

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