Basic Combat Lifesaver 2

Adapted from concepts taught in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) and in accordance with principles outlined in the Hartford Consensus, Asymmetric Solutions' Basic Combat Lifesaver Series provides both classroom and field experience for the basic management of blunt and penetrating trauma in and out of a combat environment. The class assumes no prior medical training and begins with the basics of injury assessment and triage of a wounded person or persons. The course outlines priorities of trauma care in three separate phases of the combat/tactical environment (Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, and Tactical Evacuation Care), but the information is applicable for injuries sustained in daily life as well.

The second day of the series is an interactive, scenario-based application of the learned skills, as well as the integration the knowledge necessary for safe and efficient care in those particular engagements. The second day primarily focuses on the student in the role of first responder, typically as a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) holder, without initial, additional medical assistance. Injuries encountered during the scenario can be to the student (simulated) or to victims included in the scenario. The use of moulage, casualties, paintball, airsoft or simunition, distractive agents such as noise, smoke and stress, as well as varied environments will be employed.

No live fire exercises will be used during the training, therefore personal weapons or prerequisite firearms training is not essential. The moulage materials can stain clothing… be cautious of items worn for day two of the training if the potential for damage is a concern. If you already possess an IFAK, please bring it to class to become more familiar with the contents and better understand their usage.



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