There Is No Substitute For Experience

Our staff is comprised of combat decorated, highly reputable members of various Special Operations units, elite government agencies, and seasoned Special Operations Law Enforcement Officers who have performed countless operations nationally and internationally around the globe. These units include the Army Green Berets, DELTA Force, DEVGRU, MARSOC Raiders, Force Recon, Navy SEALS, CIA, DOS and SWAT. Collectively, this staff has executed hundreds of combat deployments around the globe and supported countless stateside operations in support of Law Enforcement and Government Agencies nationwide.

Our Team Members Mission

To be a loyal, trustworthy, supportive, and committed teammate that regardless of encountered adversity and required self-sacrifice, will always maintain an above average contribution to those beside me and the pursuit of our mission's success.

Keith W.

Chief Operating Officer/Managing Principle of ASUSA Professional Services

Keith is a former Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Raider and Reconnaissance Marine with numerous operational deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan (OEF-A), Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines (OEF-P) and Southcom initiatives. He is well versed in shooting and tactics, FID training, breaching, mobility, foreign language (Brazilian Portuguese) and non-standard operations. In addition, he is a licensed EMT-B, holds an BS degree with a Management focus, Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through Syracuse and has his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) through Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

Operational Staff

Our Senior Operational Staff Members Serve with Company Directors as Primary Instructors for all Training Courses or as Project Managers and Operational Staff on Private Security or Research and Development Projects. This remarkable group has collectively performed over 500 combat deployments. Among the ranks are Graduates of the US Naval Academy, Top 10 Law and Business Schools, and top ranked Medical Schools. In addition to these highly experienced individuals, Asymmetric Solutions employs an endless list of thoroughly vetted, part-time contractors that are combat decorated veterans of US and Coalition Special Operations Units or full time SWAT or PSD Teams.

  • Pete M.

    Assistant Company Operations Officer

    Pete is a 22-year veteran of Marine Corps with 16 years of that time as a Reconnaissance/Force Reconnaissance Marine with the additional occupational specialty of Scout Sniper. He has multiple overseas deployments to numerous locations, including but not limited to, Kosovo/Macedonia, Iraq, Southeast Asia, Africa, and various other areas of operation around the globe. Pete also served in an instructor capacity in the skill sets of Reconnaissance, Water Survival, and Small Arms Marksmanship. He is well versed in Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Scout Sniper Operations, Close Quarters Battle, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Military Free-fall, Combatant Dive, Navigation, Survival, and Emergency Pre-Hospital care. He holds an instructor certification in the Special Operation Combatives Program (SOC-P), as well as multiple black belts in various martial disciplines.

  • Joe W.

    MWSW Director of Operations

    Joe is a 20year veteran of the Marine Corps with 12 years as a Marine Raider in the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). He has 10 Operational deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations around the world. He has subject matter expertise in Direct Action, Hand to Hand combat, Jump/Dive Operations and Special Activities.

  • Erik P.

    Director of Security

    Erik is a former operator with 7th Special Forces Group and a Federal Agency. He has 22 years of special operations and counter terrorism experience and is the veteran of multiple deployments to South and Latin America in support of U.S. Counter Narcotics and Counter Terrorism operations. Erik is a subject matter expert in sniper operations, communications, combat fitness, unconventional warfare and small arms.

  • Lance C.

    Director of White-Cell Operations

    Lance is an 20 year veteran of a major metropolitan police department with the majority of his service in covert operations units and SWAT Teams. He spent 10 years as a Team Leader and Sniper Team Leader conducting numerous SWAT direct action, interdiction and surveillance operations.

  • Hance W.

    Hance is a former Reconnaissance Marine and Army Special Forces Medic with deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan and NATO Special Operations in Eastern Europe. He is an USMC Scout Sniper, Combat Diver, Special Forces Dive Medical Tech, and Russian speaker. He is a Medical Doctorate(MD) Candidate at SLU School of Medicine and he plans to practice cardiothoracic surgery. He is well versed in the practice of unconventional/austere medicine, medical planning, and long-range marksmanship.

  • Skeeter W.

    Skeeter was an assaulter and breacher with a State Police SWAT/HRT unit. He has substantial expertise in police waterborne and VBSS operations. Prior to joining the State Police Skeeter played professional baseball.

  • Grant M.

    Grant is a former operator with SEAL Team 5 and served with distinction in the Global War on Terror. Grant is a subject matter expert on Vehicle Boarding Search and Seizure and Dignitary Protection.

  • Jared B.

    NFSWC Director of Operations

    Jared is an 18-year veteran of the US Marine Corps. He spent 3.5 years as a Reconnaissance Marine and a 14 Years as a Marine Raider with Marine Special Operations Command. Jared has deployed multiple times in support of the Global War on Terror, to include Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations throughout the globe. Jared is a subject matter expert in Breaching (explosive and mechanical), Specialized Demolitions, Applied Explosives, Low-Visibility Operations, Advanced Sniper, Close Quarters Battle, Pistol and Carbine Manipulation and Full Spectrum Opposed Maritime Interdiction Operations/Visit Board Search and Seizure. He is a Marine Combatant Diver and Military Free Fall parachutist, and certified as a Special Operations Master Breacher, Master Assaulter and a Special Operations Command Master Instructor. Jared is a recipient of the Bronze Star with Valor. Jared is also an accomplished professional competitive shooter in both the pistol and the Carbine.

  • Miguel G. (Migs)

    New Mexico DHTC Director of Operations

    Migs is a retired United States Marine Raider with 20+ years of operational experience, including combat deployments and special operations assignments in politically sensitive environments. As a critical skills operator, he is well-versed in leading, training, coaching, and mentoring operational teams. Mig's critical skills include surveillance and target acquisition, long-range precision marksmanship, special activities, special reconnaissance, direct action, shooting and tactics, FID training, breaching, mobility, and horsemanship. Having graduated from the Brazilian Jungle Commando Course (CIGS), he is well-versed in Brazilian Portuguese and fluent in Spanish.

  • Jon K.

    Mobility Lead

    Jon is a former Force Reconnaissance Marine with a vast experience in Class A Security Operations. He maintains subject matter expertise in Sniper Operations, Explosive Breaching, Communications, Jump/Dive Operations, Horseman, and Small Unit Tactics.

  • Rhyan B.

    Rhyan is a former Force Reconnaissance Marine with Operational experience focused in the Asian Pacific. He is Jump/ Dive, VBSS qualified and well versed in Small Unit Tactics and Firearms training.

  • Nate B.

    Nate is a 17 year veteran of a major metropolitan Police Department with 14 years of his career spent in special operations and clandestine services. He is SWAT qualified and certified as a post blast and explosive technician.

  • Sam S.

    Sam served over fifteen years in the Secret Service. He has experience conducting high, mid and low-level protective operations all across the U.S. and in over twenty-five foreign countries. His investigative experience includes full-time assignment to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He is a federally accredited instructor in areas such as protective operations, firearms, vulnerability assessment and surveillance. He worked closely with the Secret Service counter-sniper program, the National Threat Assessment Center and numerous other government agencies. He has provided firearms and dignitary protective training for multiple organizations.

  • Justin F.

    Justin is a former Force Reconnaissance Marine with Operational experience focused in the Asian Pacific. He is Jump/ Dive, VBSS qualified and well versed in Small Unit Tactics and Firearms training.

Contract Support Staff

  • LaRayne O.

    Director of Government Business & Contracting

    LaRayne is a 30-year career government contractor including 20 years at Northrup Grumman IT Sector supporting our warfighters before moving to the small business arena. She has performed at the director level including serving as the Director of Business Management as well as the Director of Program Management for Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned, and Service-Disabled businesses. Her experience crosses the spectrum of program management, contracts, subcontracts, finance, pricing, and business development.

  • Tracy D.

    Chief Financial Officer

    Tracy began her career in accounting as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Kansas City, Missouri. After leaving the public sector, she served as the Chief Financial Officer of a St. Louis-area commercial real estate development, construction, and management firm for over 20 years helping to grow the firm’s portfolio to over one million square feet.

Medical Staff

Our Associate Staff Members Serve with as Assistant Instructors for Professional and Civilian Courses or as Operational Staff on Private Security or Research and Development Projects.

  • Dr. Jeff K.

    Jeff serves as Asymmetric Solutions’s Medical Director. A former Navy Physician, Cardiac Anesthesiologist, and Emergency Medicine Specialist. He has served inside various Naval Special Warfare Commands and is a Dive Medicine expert. A graduate of a Harvard Medical School program and multiple arduous field and exigent circumstance medicine courses Jeff uniquely situated to develop and oversee Asymmetric Solutions’ facilities medical response and special operations medical education programs.

  • Dr. Chris S.

    Chris is a former USAF Physician and accomplished outdoorsman and parachutist.

  • Dr. Guy V.

    Colonel V. is a USAF Physician with substantial expertise in survival and austere environments. Prior to becoming an Air Force Officer, Guy was an enlisted Navy Combat Rescue Swimmer.

  • Dr. Tim K.

    Dr. Tim is an Emergency Medicine Specialist and Cardiologist. Tim has substantial training in dive and high altitude physiology and is an accomplished pilot.