Training Prerequisites

Due to the nature of the firearms training conducted at the Farm, we have outlined below a list of required trainee credentials and prerequisites:

  • A current driver license or other government-issued photo ID (military photo ID, government agency photo ID).  Students must sign a waiver attesting that they are a United States Citizen and have not been convicted of a Felony.
  • For certain high level courses, a background check may be required.

Asymmetric Solutions is ITAR Compliant and requires the necessary clearance and documentation for all potential trainees who are not Citizens of the United States.


Asymmetric Solutions is open to people of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, races, preferences, physical abilities, and disabilities.  We believe everyone should be able to defend themselves and loved ones with ultimate capability.


That being said, we unconditionally reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time before, during or after training has taken place.  Our instruction and the associated skills provide a substantial tactical advantage and we do not wish that knowledge to fall into the wrong hands.  We will not tolerate militia types, gang members, thugs, soldiers of fortune, mafioso, anarchists, white supremacist groups, or the like.  Do not come here flying the Flag upside down.  If you fall in or around this description, we will herein provide a free tip in self-preservation and suggest you stay clear of our institution.  Our instructors are flag-waving veterans or law enforcement officers who have risked life, spilled blood, and lost comrades in service of the United States and its people.  We have all been willing to give everything to uphold the American ideals of freedom and equality espoused in the Constitution. While we may have disagreements on politics with others and among ourselves from time to time, and champion the right to criticize government, at all times this company, the owners, and the staff wholeheartedly support and give allegiance to the existing government of the United States, its Constitution, and its laws.  We are a provider of services to the military and federal, state and local law enforcement.  We will not train or tolerate subversive elements, criminal elements, or enemies of the United States, foreign or domestic.  Sufficient information suggesting an affiliation with any of the above will be forwarded to our friends in law enforcement and they may subsequently show up to hammer you with the finely honed techniques they learned at Asymmetric Solutions.


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