Firearms Range Training Facilities

Real world engagements are not sterile or static. A key advantage of this facility is our endlessly dynamic, 360 degree, low regulation environment. We operate under no noise, live fire, or explosive restrictions. Ranges are large enough and tracks designed for live fire approach to structures, live fire vehicle movement or interdiction, or complex live fire team movements. In addition to the comprehensive amenities listed below, Asymmetric Solutions has available ground and construction capability for “build to suit” custom projects for long term contract support or single high importance mission or theater scenarios.

Amenities Include:

  • 360 Degree Dynamic Shooting Environment
  • Area Obscured from View by Surrounding Forest
  • Restricted Gated Access
  • Multiple 25 Meter Reactive Steel Target Ranges
  • 14,000 Sq. Ft. Multi-Level Ballistic Shoot House
  • Ballistic School Hallway with  Classrooms
  • Multiple Small Shoot Houses
  • Over 100 Carbine Rated Steel Targets
  • 2000 Meter Precision Rifle Range
  • Multiple Carbine/Rifle Ranges (75-600 Meters)
  • Reactive Targets
  • 70 Miles of Off-Road Driving Course with Engineered Obstacles

  • Practical Movement Range
  • Live Fire Vehicle Ambush Range
  • Vehicle Threat Simulators
  • Live Fire Ambush Range
  • 100 Person Climate Controlled Classroom with A/V
  • 20 Person Climate Controlled Classroom with A/V
  • Forward Operating Base with 40 Ft. Sniper/Fastrope Tower
  • Climate Controlled Barracks with sleeping for 40 personnel
  • Helipad
  • Pro Shop

  • BATFE Federal Firearms License 10/02 (Destructive Device)
  • BATFE Federal Explosives License
  • DOD Compliant Vault in Vault Armory
  • DOD Compliant Explosives Magazines
  • VBSS Simulator
  • City Bus
  • 12 Building MOUT Village (Spring of 2016)
  • Mobile Home Shoot House
  • 10,000 Sq. Ft. Natural Cave
  • 70 Ft. Natural Cliff
  • Gym

Available Equipment Includes:

  • Glock 19 Pistols, Carry Rigs
  • M4 Rifles/EOTech Optics
  • SASS Precision Rifles
  • M40 Precision Rifles
  • .338 Lapua Long Range Precision Rifles
  • Night Vision Equipment
  • HK-MP5 and variants
  • Breaching Tools

  • Scattergun Technologies 12 Ga.
  • Multiple Suburbans
  • Multiple Indigenous Vehicles
  • Multiple ATV’s
  • Parachute and Load Drop Equipment
  • Multiple HMMWV (Humvees)
  • 5 Ton OshKosh Truck
  • Drop/Jump Aircraft
  • Loaner Body Armor

  • Suppressors
  • Kevlar Stokes Litters
  • High Angle Gear
  • Turbine Helicopter
  • Zodiac F470
  • Simmunition Guns
  • Red Man Suits


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