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We know our training is only as good as our instructors.

Jared Ogden, Director of Operations Jared 3

Jared is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and is a dual warfare qualified Naval Officer as a SEAL and Surface Warfare Officer.  As a SEAL Officer, he operated with distinction in both Afghanistan and the Arabian Gulf.  He is a combat decorated veteran and among his numerous military awards, he was awarded the Bronze Star with “V” for Valor while at SEAL Team ONE.

Grady Powell, Chief Civilian Instructor

Grady Powell

Grady Powell

Grady is a former Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) who served with distinction in Iraq and West Africa.  Grady is a small-arms, mobility, and survival subject matter expert and operated several high level dignitary protection details for US Government Officials traveling in Iraq.  Grady is a second generation Green Beret and one of the youngest soldiers to earn the right to wear it.  In 2012 Grady left the Army and competed with SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle, Delta Operator Dale Comstock, and other special operations veterans on the NBC Network Show “Stars Earn Stripes.”  Grady led his celebrity partner Model, Eve Torrez to victory, winning a substantial monetary gift for the USO.



Ben H.                   Ben is a former member of a US Department of State Diplomatic Security Team.  Prior to that he served in the US Army.  Ben is the veteran of 12 deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq during the GWOT and has also worked as an instructor for various Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement groups.

Avi C.                    Avi is a 9 year veteran of a specialized Israeli Counterterrorism Unit where he was deployed to Iraq during the First Gulf War and took part in several covert operations against perpetrators of terrorism in Israel and the Middle East.  He is a subject matter expert in unconventional warfare.

Sam B.                  Sam is a former member of a US Department of State Diplomatic Security Team.  He was deployed on multiple tours to Afghanistan and Iraq as a close protection officer and team leader for the US Consulate to those areas.

David W.            David is a former Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) who served with distinction in Afghanistan.  David is a small-arms subject matter expert, jumpmaster, freefall instructor and pilot.

Mike S.             Mike is an Army Vet with service in Iraq.  Mike has substantial subject matter expertise in wilderness survival and hunting techniques.

Brian T.               Following a stint in the Army, Brian worked for a US Intelligence Service.  He is an intelligence analysis subject matter expert.

Greg R.                 Greg is a former operator with a Tier 1 U.S. Special Operations Unit.  Prior to his assignment with that unit Greg served in the U.S. Army’s 10th Special Forces Group.

Drew J.                 Drew is a former Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) and is a small-arms subject matter expert.

Randall H.          Randall is a POST Certified Law Enforcement Instructor in multiple disciplines as well as a NRA CCW instructor.  Randall is also a licensed attorney and sitting State Judge.

RT                           RT is a US Navy Veteran and former Operator with SEAL Team 2.  After leaving the Navy he became a SWAT officer in a major metropolitan area.

Jeff F.              Jeff is a 20 year veteran of the US Army and active sport shooter.  He has a significant subject matter expertise in small arms and is a competitive 3 gun shooter.

Robert B.            Robert is a former US Secret Service Agent.  In addition to his service on the highest level of dignitary protection details for the US Executive Branch he was assigned to the special intelligence gathering unit tracking international counterfeiting rings.  Prior to his work with the US Secret Service Robert was a decorated rural sheriff’s deputy and  US Marine.

Matt A.                Matt is a SWAT operator with a full time State Police Tactical Unit where he serves as an assaulter, breacher, and sniper.

Jack C.                 Jack is a former US Intelligence Operative who served a US Federal Agency with distinction in Afghanistan and both Iraq conflicts, as well as numerous counter narcotics operations in Latin America.

Will H.                  Will is a former SWAT operator with a full time State Police Tactical Unit.  In his 14 years on the Tactical unit, Bill specialized as a precision shooter and breacher.  He additionally served as the liaison to the US Secret Service and was the leader of his unit’s dignitary protection team.

Jim W.                  Jim is a former Marine and Special Operations Team Member with US Customs.  He is a subject matter expert in aerial platform shooting and an experienced parachutist.

Reed S.                  Reed is a former SWAT operator with a full time State Police Tactical Unit.  In his 17 years of service on the Tactical unit, Reed was his group’s internal instructor on sniper/observer techniques and CQB.  He is a certified SWAT and Shoot house instructor.

John C.                   John served with a US Government Special Operations Unit in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and South America.

Jay V.                    Jay is a former Army Ranger, Army Helicopter Pilot, and Intelligence Operative.  Jay was deployed as an officer with the 1st Ranger Battalion during of Operation Desert Storm and served as an intelligence officer for a federal agency in Afghanistan.

Lamar R.              Lamar is a retired executive with a Fortune 500 corporation.  He is also an NRA Instructor, highly trained defensive shooter and martial artist.

Phil V.                   Phil is a police officer in a high risk environment and is a distinguished practical sport shooter.

Allison R.            Allison is a former Field Agent with the FBI, police detective, and competitive shooter.

Tony H.               Tony is a veteran of the US Army and a subject matter expert in unarmed combat and Brazilian Jujitsu.  Tony has served as the primary trainer for several BJJ national champions and is the empty hand combatives program director for Asymmetric Solutions.

Otto M.               Otto is a former Operator with the 5th Special Forces Group where he was deployed to the Republic of Vietnam.  He is also an experienced Sport Shooter.  He is a Small-Arms Subject Matter expert and serves as Asymmetric Solutions last resort gun fixer.

Doc.         Guy is a practicing physician and was a former US Navy SAR swimmer and M-60 door gunner instructor for 8 and 1/2 years with deployments to the Persian Gulf and Sea of Japan in support of operations for Navy Special Warfare units. He serves as the director of Asymmetric Solutions Medical Courses and Medical Control for the staff.

Dr. Chris S.       Chris is a practicing physician and former Military Physician.  He is additionally an accomplished shooter and parachutist.


Asymmetric Solutions additionally employs adjunct instructors from a variety of military special operations units, government agencies, and law-enforcement tactical units.